These are just some of the adjectives her closest friends use to describe her. She’s the type of person who would care about the life of a snail, but would completely ignore anything that appears negative. She is a believer in femininity, takes pleasure in pastel colors, and likes Mediterranean Culture. Olive is a professional member of the IEATA, the International Expressive Arts Therapies Association and has completed intensive training at the Expressive Therapies Summit in Los Angeles in 2019.

What sets her apart from the other feminine counselors, coaches, and consultants is that she goes beyond just photographing pastel environments, wearing pink dresses, telling you how unfeminine you are and how you need to become more feminine. She actually works, plays and experiences your journey with you, in being the best woman you can be by rebuilding the soul, mind, and spirit. Her programs are customizable and heavily rely on the use of the arts, sacred traditions, and God’s protocols in natural, metaphysical, and spiritual laws. She cares extremely about each person she connects with and gives them a personalized creative growth package. Olive also reveals how the feminine soul is patterned after Divine Ancient and Hebraic Spiritual concepts. Currently, no one else on earth has received the insight and awareness of how intertwined these themes are, nor have wittingly co-created with the Anointed One the Art and Science of Femininity in Christ.

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Expressive Art Therapies

Olives is skilled in using different art modalities to play with in developing your femininity! Although Dance is one of her favorites, she is able to determine what her clients need from a list of 19 various Art Forms to bring healing, restoration, & blossoming to the feminine woman.



UCLArts & Healing sponsored this program of Social Emotional Arts (SEA) to train all therapeutic-related professionals on how to bring the expressive arts, without a big budget or plethora of materials, to those that need and desire the service of emotional inner healing.