Audio Lessons on CD

Audio Lessons on CD

from 10.00

The Feminine Princess Conference Calls on various feminine topics. Lessons in Audio format on CD to verbally attract the spirit and essence of femininity in your life.

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Track Titles:

  1. Abundance of Fruit

  2. Affirm your Femininity

  3. Alphabet Characteristics

  4. Appreciation

  5. Creating a beautiful world

  6. Dancing

  7. Dressing as a feminine woman

  8. Elements of a biblical marriage

  9. Feminine  environment, 5 tips

  10. Feminine shift

  11. Feminine means

  12. Flow of pleasure

  13. Flowers

  14. Fragrance Smells Purifies

  15. How to change to feminine

  16. How to Deal with Emotions

  17. Imagination

  18. Intro with 6s

  19. Living in Feminine Energy

  20. Love

  21. Power of Touch

  22. Subconscious Program

  23. Tone of Voice

  24. What Femininty Isn’t