Feminine Affirmations in Sign Language

Feminine Affirmations in Sign Language

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Feminine Statements in Movement 

My two minute video to help affirm your femininity will improve your mental energy.

I use statements in American Sign Language, which combines the mind, body, space, & desire to culminate in changing your environment & the view of yourself by the benefit of visuals, you and I statements, and positive reinforcement.

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My main focus is healing the woman’s soul by feminine exercises via any creative method that is available and applicable to her.  Because movement is so powerful, it is a good tool to use for rapid change in life.  One of the ways to utilize this method, is through ASL (American Sign Language); creating body imagery that embody concepts to interpret verbal statements. 

*Unless stated otherwise, I will provide a private link to the video I’ve created that can be watched indefinitely.

**I will not do any ASL videos interpretations of any sexual kind or offensive nature.

*Please contact me with any questions or comments before ordering. Thank you!